My First Weekend City Break

This short trip was a very different experience than all the other holidays I had had before. We flew into Reus but stayed in Tarragona, a more residential area. The little B&B we chose was lovely. It was simple but suited our purpose. The breakfast was good too, plenty of choice. The problem was that it was a little walk from the beach and way too far from the centre of Barcelona. No one really spoke much english and my spanish was not the best. This made me think about if I needed a doctor or something. I don’t know what I would have done. With staying so far from Barcelona the travelling was a bit of a struggle. I was already starting to flag by the time we got there so I wasn’t able to do much site seeing like I wanted. I was quite disappointed. To top the lot I was quite sick on the plane home too. So thats a few lessons learnt here. Again planning and research is invaluable, you can never do too much of it. Also be careful what you eat and drink before flying, although I had never experienced that before. arguing-case-catalonia-barcelona-tarragona-reus-cambrils-tortosa-c6acc3a62e34966dc3705f3e7c956bd0

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