Another Greek Island

After spotting this deal online for Zante I didn’t hesitate much in booking for another greek island with the experience I had had in Rhodes. Only 10 minutes from the airport with gorgeous views and what looked like plenty of places to eat and drink. The hotel and pool were lovely. We had an amazing view from the balcony, however we had lots of steps. The hotel was off the main road so was quiet but this meant there was quite a walk to the beach and also the main road. There were a few places on the side road that were easier to get to, some also offering a take away option. This was a great alternative on the days that I couldn’t make it to the main road. One thing I really wanted to do was to see the turtles, so we booked a trip with a local shop. It included pick up and return to and from our hotel. It was a fantastic trip and Im so glad I got to experience it. Another must see is ’the shipwreck’. This was a little more complicated as it was further away, at least an hours drive. This is a trip that would have been impossible for me if it wasn’t for some of the locals. After making friends with a few of them, they very kindly took me by car to the mountain view of Navagio beach. It was breath taking and certainly worth it.


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