The Resort

The resort was definitely mobility friendly. I found it fairly easy walking around. If you use aids or any type of chair then the mostly flat surface is quite suitable. There are a few slightly hilly parts but you don’t have to go that way or use them. Access to the beach was very easy, it was completely flat. No steps and no need for any sort of ramp. Along the streets there were plenty of benches so lots of opportunities to sit when needed.

Dotted about where a few bus stops but I never used any of the buses so can’t comment on them. On the main street which was not far from anything, there was a taxi rank. Again I didn’t use them so can’t comment on their service.

Everything was close by, within managable walking distance. Due to the time of year there was only a limited number of places open but enough to go somewhere different each night. Also there was a choice of quiet or a little more busy if you wanted it.


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