My First Taste of Portugal

So I have just returned from a few days in Portugal. Having never been before I had a few concerns especially this time of year. Over the next few posts I will write about different aspects of my trip and of course include some photos.

First things first is the airport. We flew into Faro in the south of Portugal. On first impressions I was quite pleased. It was really easy to get about, very well sign posted. There were lots of stairs up and down but there were also escalators along side them. There were also lifts if needed. I didn’t use the assistance team myself, however I did take note for you guys and if I ever need them in the future. They seem to be rather good. They seemed to stay with the person through out their time in the airport, taking them to wherever they wanted to go including restaurants. Speaking of restaurants and places to eat, there was certainly plenty of choice all be it a little expensive even for airport prices.  One last thing I was extremely pleased with was the jet bridge from the terminal to the plane. I have never seen this in Greece and it was certainly most welcome to have instead of those stair cases. However it did only appear to be available to those boarding at the front of the plane so it would be a good idea to plan ahead a book seats in the front section.

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