Are You Covered ?

We all know that travel insurance is a MUST when going on trips but it is even more important if you have a ‘pre-existing condition’.

So many people don’t bother or only get it just before they travel. I ALWAYS get mine at the same time as booking my trip. “But you’re not going for x amount of months yet?” I hear you say. Well, in the event that I need to cancel my trip then I will be covered. When you have a chronic illness they can be so unpredictable and that is exactly what the insurance is for. Just in case the unpredictable happens. The sooner you get the insurance the sooner your trip is covered!

So when buying travel insurance with a ‘pre-existing condition’, you need to look at all the policies to make sure that you are covered. More often that not this means the costs can go up, but for peace of mind its worth it.  I would rather pay a higher premium than a huge medical bill.

There are lots of travel insurance websites, some that specialise in pre-existing conditions. I find that the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to find the right one for you is through a comparison site.

On another note, also make sure you have a FREE European Health Insurance Card, an EHIC. This entitles you have access to health care at the same rate as the locals. However, it is only available in STATE medical facilities NOT private run. So if treatment is free for a local, then it is free for you. That said don’t use it instead of insurance because it doesn’t cover as much. If you already have one of these cards then also make sure that it is in date.

This post is just a generalisation of my opinions and what I do, if you are looking for more information then I would recommend Martin Lewis’ website MoneySavingExpert.

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