I have touched on day trips and activities in most of my previous posts but I thought that I would do an actual post just focusing on them.

Most of the time I tend not to do any trips or just the odd one. It depends on how I am at the time or on the day. I never pre-book anything just in case the day arrives to do something and I feel that I am not up to it.

For the small trips I have done, I have done it all independently. With organised trips you are tied to time, there is usually lots of walking involved and you have to follow and do whatever the tour guide and the rest of the group wants. This is almost impossible for someone with some type of chronic illness.

Wherever I go, I research the local transport, it is almost always cheaper too. The local buses usually go directly into the little villages and also take the more scenic routes. This is a great way to view the area. Another option is the local taxis. I have found that in Greece anyway, that they are very helpful, friendly and most of all reasonably priced. The drivers can also provide any information from restaurants to bars or anything else that may take your fancy and that is usually off the beaten track.

In many of the old Greek villages, there is no traffic at all, the streets are tiny and narrow with lots of steps. However, they still have donkeys. This could also be an option.


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