In The Airport

Airports can be a hassle and stressful for everyone but when you have a chronic illness it makes it 10x times worse. So hopefully some helpful tips and advice from my experiences.

My first tip is if you can choose a smaller airport and one that is nearest to you as the less you have to travel to the airport the better and a smaller airport means less energy used walking about.

My next tip is go early and take your time. Rushing about will cause unnecessary stress and both mental and physical exertion that you can do without.

Another way is to opt for assistance. I know this makes quite a few of you uncomfortable to ask for help, including myself. One thing I am learning though is to ask for help when I need to without being embarrassed.

If like me you would prefer not to opt for this assistance there are a few ways to limit walking and standing around in queues. Most airlines now you check in online. I always choose this because it means I can also pay and choose my preferred seats as well as not having to queue as long to drop off any bags I have to go in the hold.

Getting through the airport from the bag drop all the way to the gate can be a long tiring trip all on its own. Sometimes there is stairs or long stretches of walking. To help limit this look for moving walk ways, escalators or lifts. Also you can opt for express to get through security quicker and things like priority boarding but both of these are at an extra cost.

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