Preparing For Your Holiday.

So you have done your research and booked your holiday. The first thing I always do is get insurance. I usually buy it at the same time as booking the holiday. This is important because you are then covered if you have to cancel because lets face it, M.E./CFS flares and relapses can be unpredictable.

Getting ready for any trip there is a lot to do. Make sure you try and get plenty of rest and lots of pacing. You don’t want to use up all your spoons before travelling, you’re going to need them, not only for the journey but also when you get to your destination.

Be organised. If you are anything like me, then brain fog makes everything more complicated. A way I try to help this is making lists. Lots of lists. I make separate lists for clothes, toiletries, food, electronics, medications. Speaking of which make sure you take enough medications to last your trip and then some. There is always a chance of any length delays. Also NEVER put them in the hold, always keep any medication with you in your hand luggage.

One other thing to think about is how you are getting to the airport. (if you’re getting a plane to your holiday destination.) To reserve energy opt for a lift or taxi rather than driving yourself or public transport if you can. This will help to reduce your physical and mental energy output.


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