A Bucket-list Destination.

Somewhere that is on everyones bucket list is the Greek Island of Santorini. With its picture postcard scenic views and black volcanic sandy or pebbled beaches, it is breathtakingly beautiful. Of course when this opportunity came up I grabbed it with both hands. However I should of have definitely done a bit more research. The hotel was literally on the beach but that was it. Everything else, all of the shops, bars and restaurants where just too far away. Even those on the beach front where a good 15 minutes walk and the main road was a good 30 minute walk through fields and residential properties. It was quite disappointing as the bakery was on the main road and I only made the trip once. I always love to visit the greek bakeries, the smell of the freshly baked bread and biscuits is mouth watering. Not to mention the taste of the delicious cakes and biscuits. We were only B&B but mostly ate all our meals at our own hotel. We did manage to make a short trip to Fira by local bus. This is were the cathedral is and were all the cruise liners and ships dock. However it was too far to walk down to the actual port. The walk from the bus station to the square is a very steep, short walk but I made it. We stayed up by the cathedral and looked out over the bay, admiring the incredible view and taking a few photos. We ate lunch and had coffee in a small cafe before getting the bus back again. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Oia, the other ‘must see’ where the blue domes are. The trip was just too much for me. The journey included a very expensive taxi or multiple buses and also a lot of steps to climb. Where we were staying there was a road train that went along the beach front, but only during the day. It took you from one end to the other where there were shops and restaurants. We only managed to catch it the once so took the opportunity to go to the very end and catch the little boat to the next bay. We had a little wander around that resort and lunch before getting the boat and then the train back again to our hotel. The little train made all the difference for me, it really helped with my mobility not having to walk so much. It’s a shame it didn’t run very often or of an evening.

1 thought on “A Bucket-list Destination.

  1. Ruth

    Awww, I’m sorry it wasn’t what you hoped it would be! I’d really like to visit Santorini, but at least I’ve had the heads up that it will take a bit of planning and research before diving in.


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