My First Trip (with M.E.)

My first trip since having M.E. was to Tenerife, I was 14. We decided on the main town Las Americas, we thought a nice hotel with a pool. We were very wrong. It was a hotel catering for 18-30s. Loud music, young people drunk, fighting and running around the pool naked into the early hours. It was also a few doors down from a brothel. So I didnt get much sleep or rest. The other downside was that there were lots of steps at the hotel and it was definitely not as close to the beach and restaurants as we thought. Even for someone without a chronic illness it was a holiday from hell. I think its safe to say that this trip taught me a lot about researching where to go on holidays. It also taught me to look at the return flights more closely. We realised that we would have to get up very early on the day we were going home, I think our transfer time was around 6am. In fact I would recommend to make sure both flight times are suitable.


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